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Chiropractic Care at Your Tulsa Chiropractor

Our Tulsa chiropractic center offers more than traditional chiropractic care. Our Tulsa chiropractor combines chiropractic care with a holistic approach that treats back pain, headaches, sciatica, neck pain, whiplash, digestive issues, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, concussions, slip and falls, automobile accident injuries and more. Dr. Gallagher invites residents of Tulsa to visit us and learn more about our total-body approach to your health. Gallagher Wellness Center provides solutions for a variety of conditions that extend into your everyday life. For example, we want to help you quit smoking. We want to teach you the benefits of healthy eating. We encourage exercise to strengthen your body and promote healing. Our friendly staff knows the value of total-body care to reduce pain and return you to your active life.

Conditions Treated at Your Tulsa Chiropractor 

Dr. Gallagher, serving Tulsa,believes in the strength of your body to heal itself. Healing begins when each aspect of your life is in balance. Therefore, we go beyond traditional chiropractic care and weave our philosophy into helping you make the best choices. Some of the conditions we care for include:

  • Back Pain- Tulsa back pain suffers experience immediate relief through chiropractic manipulations. Dr. Gallagher gently adjusts your spine to reduce pressure on the nerves. Whether your pain is from an injury or years of overuse, chiropractic adjustments reduce your pain and free your movement.

  • Injury Recovery- Our experienced team promotes healing from sports injuries, work-related conditions, car accident injuries, slip and falls and more. We position your body into strong alignment so recovery and healing begin.

  • Migraines and Headaches- One of our strengths is eliminating the pain from migraines and headaches. We look at how your back and neck are positioned, but we also suggest mattresses to support a healthy alignment and reduce your pain. 

  • Weight Loss- If excess weight is contributing to back pain or lack of energy, we teach you the benefits of an active lifestyle. Our PowerVibe system is a unique fitness tool to enhance the benefits of your workout and aid in your weight loss goals. 

  • Stress Relief- High levels of stress weigh heavily on your body and mind. We seek to reduce stress through massage therapy and the use of essential oils to promote a feeling of calm.

  • Digestive Issues- Chiropractic care also alleviates digestive issues that are caused by an out-of-aligned spine, poor nutrition or high stress.

  • Sleep Disorders- If you are struggling to sleep well, you are reducing your body's healing time. We educate you on ways to get a better night's rest, may suggest a mattress change, or show you how essential oils can gently lull you to sleep.

  • Allergies- Another strong benefit of chiropractic care including adjustments and healthy nutrition is the reduction in allergies. Imagine a day without the stuffy nose, watery eyes and brain fog? You can have this through our holistic approach to your well-being.

Regardless of your condition, we want to help. Our holistic approach is a natural way to stimulate healing throughout your body. Please call us at 918-747-7463 to learn more. 


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