Pregnancy & Pediatric Care

Pregnancy and Pediatric Care in Tulsa

The arrival of a new family member is cause for joy, but preparing for and nurturing that new life is not always a joyous experience. and possibly introducing complications to the delivery of a healthy baby. Babies and small children may have their own musculoskeletal issues that contribute to everything from colic to developmental delays. That's why you'll be glad our chiropractor, Dr. Gallagher, offers both prenatal and pediatric chiropractic care in Tulsa.

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How Our Tulsa Chiropractor Can Optimize Your Prenatal Health

Anyone who has ever observed a woman late in pregnancy understands how dramatic the physical changes can be. The weight gain and enlargement of the abdomen to make room for the growing fetus can throw your spinal alignment into a "swayback" position. This shift in weight distribution puts stress on the muscles that support your back and trunk, causing pain and stiffness, while also placing additional strain on the vertebrae and weight-bearing joints. Muscle spasms, disc issues and pinched nerves are not uncommon -- and nerve dysfunction may aggravate hormonal imbalances, swelling, headaches, poor sleep and other problems. Our Tulsa chiropractor can resolve these and other discomforts.

Chiropractic care can be both completely safe and quite comfortable even for pregnant women. We use a specialized table and pillow that enables you to lie on your stomach while we adjust the spine; if even this arrangement proves uncomfortable, we can also administer adjustments from a seated position. By relieving nerve pressure and optimizing spinal alignment, we can help your body feel and function better. The latter is critical for ensuring that the fetus has room to turn around in the womb for a normal head-first delivery.

Natural Treatment for Behavioral Problems, Colic and Other Childhood Issues

Even after a healthy normal delivery, a newborn may have alignment issues. These problems can upset normal physical functions, resulting in poor sleep or colic; it may even be hard to breastfeed your baby. Dr. Gallgher highly recommends a spinal evaluation even in the youngest infants to make sure that these issues are prevented. If these issues are already obvious, gentle chiropractic adjustments may relieve discomfort and allow your baby to breastfeed properly.

As babies grow into school-age children, their bodies are subjected to numerous bumps, jolts and other challenges that may create spinal alignment problems and nervous system dysfunction. These issues may make your child more prone to common pediatric ailments such as asthma, allergies, or ADHD (which in turn can cause behavioral problems and developmental delays). You might be amazed at chiropractic adjustment's ability to improve asthma, allergies, focus problems and other childhood issues.

Call our office today to discuss safe, natural prenatal and pediatric care with our Tulsa chiropractor. Let's get your growing family off to a healthy start!


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