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Ketogenic & Accountability Workshops​ Offered By Your Tulsa Chiropractor

Dr. Gallagher, your Tulsa chiropractor, wants to support you in your total body wellness journey. Dieting by restricting calories can result in weight loss, but it can also leave you tired and listless because your body is burning lean muscle as well as fat. Ketogenic diets reverse that syndrome, causing the body to burn more fat, which creates molecules call ketones. Ketones can be used in the body for energy, especially in the brain, where fatty acids are useless. That fuzzy headed feeling most dieters experience is gone during ketosis and is replaced by an energetic feeling of clear thinking. 

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A Ketogenic Diet Plan

At Gallagher Wellness Centre we offer a ketogenic diet plan that features a certified nutritionist to teach you everything you need to know about ketosis. We offer these workshops every three weeks, so you'll never have to wait long before experiencing the great feeling of being in ketosis!

Ketosis is a normal function of the body that can be extended by eating the right foods and using the right supplements. One of the best results of ketosis is significant weight loss, but that's not the only result. Some of the more common ones we find in our practice are:

  • A balance in blood sugar levels, both hyper- and hypoglycemia

  • An increase in satiety, which means you'll feel full faster during meals, and will stay full for longer afterward

  • An improvement in your mood and energy levels

  • An enhancement in your immune system, allowing you to fight off colds and viruses easier

  • An improvement in your endurance levels, for any type of physical activity

Our nutritional counseling for weight loss in Tulsa includes an introduction and education in the use of Max Experience. Max Experience is the number 1 rated ketone supplement. It's used by fitness professionals to increase energy, drive performance and improve general fitness. It was developed using research from the Office of the Navy and the Department of Defense. Max Experience elevates ketone levels in the blood, resulting in muscle preservation and fat loss, increased energy and focus, better sleep and moods and a decrease in appetite. Max Experience is not a medicine, and it isn't used like one. Rather, it's a supplement much like your daily vitamins. It increases your body's ability to do what it naturally does anyway, but in a more enhanced version. Ketosis is a natural process your body uses to burn fat and increase energy, as well as give you a host of other health benefits.

Contact Our Office Today for More Information!

In our Ketogenics Workshop, Dr. Norbert Gallagher will teach how he uses Max experience to help patients increase their ketone levels and assist patients to go through ketosis. Our workshop educates patients on the process as well as keeping track of each patient's progress during the program. Our Tulsa chiropractor, Dr. Gallagher, encourages ketosis and healthy weight loss as a part of his holistic view of chiropractic health and a healthy lifestyle. Give our office a call today to find out the date of our next workshop, and to sign up today.