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Tulsa Chiropractic Instrument Adjusting 

Your Tulsa Chiropractor, Dr. Gallagher, uses a specialized instrument adjusting tool to perform chiropractic adjustments. Impulse adjusting tools are a welcomed technique for those who are uncomfortable with the cracking and popping noises that accompany typical adjustments. Our chiropractor in Tulsa wants to put you at ease throughout your entire chiropractic care program, so he performs the gentle adjustments with a specific tool. Serving residents of Tulsa, Dr. Gallagher is here to service all your health and wellness needs. Impulse adjusting is not a new chiropractic technique. It has been used for decades and continues to be perfected by doctors of chiropractic medicine. Dr. Gallagher understands the importance of pin-point accuracy with spinal and joint manipulations, so he chooses to use instrument adjusting to complement your chiropractic care plans. Our health team understands your desire to receive gentle, non-invasive adjustments whether to your spine or other joints such as your shoulders, knee, wrists and ankles. With precision accuracy, Dr. Gallagher places the adjustment tool onto the sensitive area and quickly slides the joint into place. The impulse adjusting tool uses specific force directly onto your bones to easily and accurately reduce your discomfort. Since the adjustment occurs quickly, your muscles are more likely to respond and accept the adjustment instead of pulling on the joint.

Dr. Gallagher utilizing the Impulse Instrument to adjust:

Impulse Adjusting with Your Tulsa Chiropractor

Dr. Gallagher and our chiropractic team at Gallagher Wellness Center want to provide the most convenient, safest and effective chiropractic care available. We use the impulse adjusting tool to eliminate concerns of a hands-on approach. In other words, if you are uncomfortable with traditional adjustments in which a chiropractor uses his hands to manipulate your spine, your comfort is improved through the use of the tool. Another benefit of impulse adjusting is that it is easier on bones that are suffering from osteoporosis. If your bone density has decreased or your bones are brittle, our Tulsa chiropractor uses the impulse adjusting tool to apply direct force to one area. The bones around the area receive less pressure this way. The muscles next to the injured area respond quickly too and release the tight hold that may be causing the vertebrae or joint to be out of alignment. As we continue to provide chiropractic care, we understand your needs more and are able to use the impulse adjusting tool on your extremities if you are suffering from discomfort in your wrists, ankles, knees, shoulders or hips. A quick, direct force onto the wrist can help alleviate symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. An adjustment to the knees helps you recover faster from a sports-related injury.

If you are dealing with chronic pain, headaches, back aches, weakness in your arms or legs, joint pain or limited range of motion, our instrument adjusting method will benefit you.

Contact us today at 918-747-7463 to learn more about the way your Tulsa chiropractor, Dr. Gallagher, provides relief.