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Services, Products & Equipment

Your Tulsa Chiropractor

Gallagher Wellness Center has a goal to improve the life of everyone who trusts their health to our Tulsa chiropractor, Dr. Norbert Gallagher. Dr. Gallagher provides a variety of services for those living in Tulsa and the surrounding areas. Each of these services, products and equipment has been specifically chosen to support a healthy spine and a natural approach to wellness.

male chiropractor talking about the spine with a female patient

Our Services, Products and Equipment

Instrument Adjusting 

Our Tulsa chiropractor chooses to use a tool that delivers a gentle force with a precision adjustment to reduce nerve compression or muscle discomfort. The impulse adjusting tool is placed directly on the area that is out of alignment. Dr. Gallagher may use x-rays or nervous system scans to determine which areas need adjustments.

Pregnancy and Pediatric Care

We are here to help you through each transitional phase of life including pregnancy and infancy. Gallagher Wellness Center has a special pillow to provide comfort during pregnancy adjustments. We also are passionate about adjusting newborns to give them a healthy and holistic start to life.


We also want to see your fitness level improve so you are able to maintain an enjoyable and active life. Our PowerVibe system uses whole body vibrations as you work out to help increase blood flow to your working muscles. Plus, PowerVibe workouts have been shown to reduce osteoporosis.

Massage and Body Work

Gallagher Wellness Center pairs our chiropractic treatments with massage therapy to support a healthy spine. Massage therapy helps to eliminate tight muscles to reduce unnecessary strain on the spine. We also offer massage chairs for use before and after your adjustments.

Our Ketogenic and Accountability Workshops

During our regularly scheduled workshops, a certified nutritionist walks individuals through the process of ketosis to boost energy levels and burn fat using the Max Experience. Ketogenic and Accountability workshops are scheduled once every three weeks to review results and understand the ketogenic process in more depth. 


Metagenics and Standard Process/MediHerb- If you are lacking in an essential vitamin or mineral, we have a complete line of nutritional supplements to enhance your dietary needs.  

Young Living Essential Oils 

The use of essential oils on the body or with aromatherapy are a time-tested approach to boosting your health. The oils are derived from plants, so this all-natural technique can overcome illnesses, improve your mood and enhance your home.

Raindrop Technique

We may combine massage therapy with specific essential oils in our raindrop technique to promote healthy mental and physical energy as well as a release of toxins. 

Beauty Counter

Not only are we concerned with what you put in your body, but we also educate you on what you put on your body. Beauty Counter's mission is to bring awareness to various chemicals contained in beauty products and how these affect your health.

King Koil Mattresses

These services work best when you get a good night's rest. A King Koil mattress supports a healthy spine during sleep allowing you to wake refreshed.

Tower Garden by Juice Plus

In addition to supplements, we may suggest a tower garden which grows up to 20 vegetables and herbs within 3 square feet so you can have fresh food at your fingertips.

Call Our Tulsa Chiropractor Today!

For more information about our chiropractic services or any of our products, give our Tulsa chiropractor a call today at 918-747-7463!